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This blogpost is about the  ‘One Happy Island’, Aruba! I recently flew to Aruba for a short internship at the Divi phoenix and for a lovely holiday. Aruba is known as the ‘One Happy Island’ for many reasons.  The people are friendly, the beaches are immaculate and the average year round temperature is 82 degrees fahrenheit and sunny. The island is perfect for all of the different adventures waiting for you around every corner of the island. Plus, the island is located outside the hurricane belt so travel is ideal throughout the year.13249623_639479072868457_1960215191_n




Baby Beach

Baby Beach is at the southern tip of the island, it is the perfect beach if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful beach outing.

Fisherman’s Huts

Fisherman’s Huts is a world renowned beach for wind sports and is home to the annual Hi-Winds Pro Am windsurfing Competition.

Arashi Beach

Arashi Beach is the best beach on the island for more advanced snorkeling. Those who brave a section of shallow wavy water will discover a vibrant reef close to the surface abundant with many different types of coral, angelfish,parrotfish etc.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is the most family friendly beach on Aruba, with its famous powdery white sand and easy rolling waves.

Druif Beach

Druif beach is a long beach of ivory sand, and is home to the casual low-rise resorts. The beach is not too far from bustling downtown Oranjestad.


Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort

The Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort is situated on Aruba’s famed Palm Beach and backed by a private wildlife sanctuary. The Phoenix is a four-star Caribbean resort with a gorgeous tropical beachfront. My internship was at the Phoenix, the pools and the beach are amazing. The Phoenix organizes a lot of different activities, the restaurant Pure Ocean is enchanting, with their multicolored sunset happening any evening for a romantic dinner in a relaxing atmosphere on the beach. The Phoenix is located at the high-rise part of the island close to a lot of restaurants and shopping malls. 13120552_628769433939421_1133581474_o

Divi Golf & Beach Resort

During my last week on the island, I stayed at the Divi Golf & Beach Resort. The resort has one of the best restaurants on the island, called Windows. Windows is an elegant restaurant with the best steak and fish on the Island.What I personally loved about the resort, was the infinity pool and that the rooms are so spacious and clean.

Divi & Tamarijn Aruba all-inclusive Beach Resort

During the first and last week, I spent every day at both resorts. My family and I have stayed at the Divi for so many years, that it feels like home. This resort is so special to us because of the friendly staff, different activities, a lot of dining options, freshwater pools and the magnificent beach. When the sun goes down, they turn up the heat. You could spend the night dancing under the stars while watching Caribbean-themed live music and entertainment. I love Divi’s theme nights including Carnival shows, limbo, salsa lessons, water ballet, and circus shows. There is always something fun happening at Divi Aruba.13271685_639488606200837_1400796268_o

To sum up I recommend Aruba for their stunning beaches, clear blue water, perfect weather and the friendly people. I enjoyed every moment of my stay, I certainly want to go back to this paradise.


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