Polette eyewear

Hi loves,

This blogpost is about my collaboration with Polette eyewear! Polette is a new fresh brand, with fashionable glasses for low prices. Polette is a French brand, and they are taking over Belgium and the Netherlands soon! You can choose your own type of glasses with every type of eyewear. They have a great variety of glasses, so you can change your glasses to match them with every outfit. 

I was amazed by their new collection called California! A chic and simple design, elegantly highlighting the subtlety of metal. With a tint or clear glasses, polette unveils an unique limited collection. The California Bronze was my personal favorite, it matches my style. An exclusive design, undeniably vintage touch, which I love ! California Bronze is made out from a copper metal, these sunglasses are the result of delicacy meets fashion. A hottie, that comes along with a high-end packaging ! What I love about polette, are the different types of designs and the high quality for low prices! My glasses stayed perfect even after wearing them to the beach and the city. The glasses are send in a cute littl box with the name of the collection on it, and the accessories are too cute! 


Kiss, Sophie Jolie

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