Fashion Guide fall 2017

Hi Loves,

Want to get a head start on fall fashion? These are the top four trends everyone can pull off right this second.

The color of Fall 2017 is red! This color ruled the runways from the first show to the last. Designers used all different colors of red, such as purple, burgundy and cherry.

  1. Isabel Marant Sweater
  2. H&M Coat
  3. Gucci bag
  4. Bershka dress
  5. Sacha shoes

Furry things have always been a favorite for me. Shearling thus easily makes this list once again as a top fall 2017 fashion trend for the year, appearing aplenty, with denim jackets at Louis Vuitton, on funky vinyl dresses at Saint Laurent, and fuzzy jackets at Marc Jacobs.

  1. H&M Denim teddy jacket
  2. Stradivarius jacket
  3. Maje bag
  4. Gucci Mules
  5. Even&Odd baret

It was so very beautiful to see so much velvet on the runways. It is so soft to the touch and gorgeous to view, with a slight shimmer to it. The use of fall colors on velvet is even better, for example the burgundy color with pantsuits.

  1. H&M skirt
  2. Bershka blazer
  3. My Jewellery Headband
  4. H&M jacket
  5. &Other stories sweatshirt

It looks like checkerboard pattern will be the hottest trend of fall. These come in many different shapes, colors, and styles, but if you would like to achieve a more subtle effect, you should be thinking about a coat. 

  1. Bershka blazer
  2. Bershka pants
  3. Zara pumps
  4. Chloé bag
  5. Zara Top

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