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If you’re looking for an authentic experience, Mexico is the place to be, where you can spend your days swimming and relaxing. Playa del Carmen is mostly known for its beaches and beautiful resorts. While, Tulum is mostly known for its beaches and yoga retreats. It’s where idyllic white sand beaches meet chic hotels and high-end resorts in addition to cute restaurants. There are also plenty things to do in the area, such as biking.

There are many places to stay in Playa del Carmen and many more are being built every month. You can choose from all-inclusive resorts, fancy hotels, private villas, small guesthouses or hostels. We stayed in an amazing all-inclusive hotel called Ocean Riviera Paradise .

In Tulum we visited the Tulum ruins of Mexico, they are one of the most well-known archaeology sites in the world. The ruins are known worldwide for their stunning cliffside views of the Caribbean Sea.

Here are my 3 favorite hotspots in Tulum:

Outfit inspo:

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